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All of our products are both designed and supported in Ireland. We feel that this is crucial to providing you with the service you deserve. We are confident that each of these software packages can add value to your business.

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Accounting Software

Practice Management Software

Our Services


  • General accounts review and suggestions for improvements
  • Pre year end review, tidying up and preparation of working papers for your reporting accountants
  • Identification of relevant financial information and assistance in the interpretation of this data, enabling you to better manage your practice.
  • Merging or dissolving two or more sets of accounting data in the event of a practice merger or demerger.


  • Once off assistance to clear any arrears in your books or short term cover for leave or illness.
  • Review of bookkeeping procedures to ensure that you are getting value from your bookkeeping expenditure
  • Assistance in finding / hiring a bookkeeper

Law Society

  • Pre Law Society inspection review to highlight compliance with the Solicitors Accounts Regulations

Mergers , Acquisitions & Disposals

  • Advice on and assistance with the purchase or sale of a legal practice
  • Advice on and assistance with the merger of legal firms
  • Dissolution of partnerships
  • Advice on partnership agreements