Barbara Russell

Barbara Russell

After a career in investment banking Barbara joined Russell & Company in 2004. Over the next 4 years Barbara gained extensive experience in the operation of computerised accounts and practice management software. She has developed a detailed understanding of the practical problems encountered by solicitors regarding compliance with the Solicitors Accounts Regulations as well as their Revenue obligations. On the retirement of Charlie Russell, the founder of the business, Barbara has taken over the entire business and now operates as Russell Software Solutions.

Charles A Russell

Charles A. Russell

Charlie Russell qualified as a chartered accountant in 1972 and has spent all his working life in private practice. He set up Russell & Company in 1993 as a specialist firm of chartered accountants exclusively geared towards serving the legal profession by providing accounting, taxation and Law Society compliance services as well as software and consultancy work.

Charlie sold his accounting, tax and compliance practice in 2002 to concentrate on software and consultancy services. In 2008 Barbara Russell took over the software side of the business leaving Charlie to focus on providing specialist consultancy services to the legal profession.